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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I introduce my child to the daycare program?

The gradual entry program starts 1 week prior to your child officially starting at the daycare.  On the first day you and your child will come to the daycare for about an hour.  On the second day you and your child will come to the daycare for an hour then your child will stay by his/herself for an hour.  This goes on until the 5th day when your child is at daycare for a full day.

Do you accept childcare subsidy?

Yes, we do accept childcare subsidy.

Below are the links to the appropriate forms that must be filled out.


ABC Child Care Centre accepts government subsidy for families that qualify. For more information on applying for subsidy program and eligibility, explore:

Applicants waiting on subsidy approval are required to pay fees in full. Upon receipt of authorization and receipt of subsidy allowance,ABC child Care will refund the balance.

What's your withdrawal notice?

If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from the centre, a one-month’s written notice is required on the 1st of the preceding month (i.e. March 1st notice for April 1st withdrawal).  All post-dated cheques will be returned.  Less than one month’s written notice will result in a full month’s payment of the withdrawal month.

 If a parent wishes to withdraw a child temporarily they may do so with one month’s written notice.  The spot cannot be reserved without payment (including family holidays).  The child’s name can be placed on the wait list for re-admission if applicable.


What are your holiday closures?

ABC Daycare observes all statutory holidays. The daycare will also be closed for the first two weeks in August and the week before Christmas in December.

Are you a licensed group facility?

Yes. We are licensed under the Fraser Health Community Care and Assisted Living Act.

Do siblings have enrollment priority?

Yes.  If you already have a child enrolled in the daycare, siblings have 1st priority over the wait list.

Are children forced to nap?

No.  All children are required to have “quiet time” on their mats.  If your child is not asleep within 30 minutes they are given a quiet toy to play with.  Later on, the children that are not napping are invited to play quietly at the tables.

Is your facility Peanut/Nut Free?

Yes. Due to allergies in the daycare, we are a strict peanut/nut free facility.

ABC Licensed Group Daycare

It would be a pleasure to have your child as part of our program.